Obituary-The Death of SEO


It is with a heavy heart that I bring you the news that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has died an untimely death. I am not saying that you should not due some basic SEO for the main keywords on your website, What I am saying is that SEO does not hold the power that it once had. In SEO, AUTHORITY BACKLINKS Google controls the market and they change their ranking methods and algorithms so often that it has become nearly impossible to maintain a consistent search engine ranking.

I know that you have seen many promotions for getting a number one ranking on the search engines. For a rather substantial fee, they will guarantee top search engine rankings. These methods do work but, you can do the same thing yourself. All you have to do is find a keyword that nobody is searching for and voila-instant search engine success. Of course, if nobody is looking for that keyword, it still doesn’t improve your site traffic.

Go ahead and do some basic SEO but don’t kill yourself trying to get that number one position. The time that you spent on SEO would have been just as effective as spitting into the wind. Time is the most valuable commodity that you have and there are much more effective ways to get traffic to your website.

Instead of wasting your time on SEO, concentrate on Shoestring Marketing strategies. Write articles, blog, social network, YouTube, press releases, forum market etc. These are proven methods of driving traffic to your site and are not subject to the vagaries of Search Engine Optimization. Certainly, do some basic SEO but devote the bulk of your time on strategies that are proven to build your traffic.

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